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How 'academically poor' Ernest Nuamah became a national football star - Mother narrates

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Thu, 1 Jun 2023 Source:

Regina Nuamah, mother of Black Star ‘new boy’ Ernest Nuamah has said she did not want her son to become a footballer because he was not academically sound.

In an interview with King Eben TV, she said the family wanted the Nordsjaelland winger to focus on school instead of playing football.

Regina recalled Nuamah's childhood period when, unlike their neighbors' children, he was unable to read and grasp the words on TV.

"To be very honest, we didn't want him to play football. We wanted him to go to school because he was ill-educated. There is a woman, who is our neighbour. She didn't have TV, we had one.

"So all the children would gather in our room. What used to make me feel sad was that when texts pop up on the screen, all the children will be reading. I would ask him 'Nana, can you read what just appeared?' he would just stare at me. He is also the quiet sort, so I would ask him and he would walk out. It really hurt me," she said.

She added that, although she saw her son to be unread, she never received a complaint about his academic exploits when Nuamah joined Right to Dreams Academy and got enrolled.

"When he joined the academy, he schooled there. But they never complained that 'your son is failing to catch up or he's being a rebel'. What the white man said was that his performance was low because he had just joined, but they had hopes that he will be okay."

Regina, who owns a grocery store in Kumasi, said she never imagined hearing her son speaks English until he chatted with some white clients on her behalf at her store.

"I never knew my son, Nana Kwame, could speak English. I never knew so it used to hurt me. He came recently and some whites came to buy things here, if he wasn't around they would've left."

According to Regina, the pacy winger joined Right to Dream Academy when he was in elementary education (Primary four).

Ernest Nuamah is a graduate of Right to Dream Academy, a Ghanaian-based football talent hub. He currently plays for Nordsjaelland and ascended to recognition within two years of joining Denmark's top-division side.

The 19-year-old, after a sensational season, has been named in Black Stars' squad for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Madagascar and would hope to make his debut on June 18, 2023.

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