Volta Region sports lacks leadership, plan - Beach Soccer chief

Reuben Beach Soccer.jpeg Sunset Sports Keta CEO Dzidodo Ruben Adjahoe

Tue, 14 Jul 2020 Source: Dickson Boadi, Contributor

Sunset Sports Keta CEO Dzidodo Ruben Adjahoe has bemoaned the poor state of sports in the Volta Region and lamented the failure of authorities to make any major plans or commit resources to sports.

The young club executive also stated that a negative cultural trend were the youth are relegated to the background for the elderly and so called “distinguished” personalities to assume positions in areas they have no technical knowledge, mostly lead to various people at the forefront of sports being “square begs in round holes”.

Dzidodo Adjahoe made an example of two stakeholders events that take took place a few years ago which was to discuss the youth but predominantly featured only the local chiefs and some elders. The youth who were the focal point were not actively involved in discussing their future which the Keta Municipal Assembly committed a lot of money to.

On what contributions the previous NDC and the current NPP governments made to sports development, Mr. Adjahoe stated the two governments do not rank differently as the Volta Region has nothing to show in the area of sports. He was categorical the various local assemblies have no budgetary allocations and no clear cut plans to develop sports.

Sunset Sports Keta won Ghana’s first-ever International Beach Soccer title at Copa Lagos in November 2019 and won the National league 3 times in 4 seasons. The Club CEO said his club is in the limelight because of successes chalked but so much need to be done on the ground if they are to develop the sports.

Dzidodo Adjahoe was speaking on the morning show of Swiss 93.7FM in the Regional Capital, Ho.

Source: Dickson Boadi, Contributor