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'I don't talk to my family any more' - Emmanuel Adebayor

In 2015, Emmanuel Adebayor publicly revealed some of the personal issues with his family that have disrupted his career.

Now the Togolese striker has spoken exclusively to the BBC about the controversy.

The former African player of the year publicly revealed the troubling developments with his loved ones in 2015 on social media, stating he was suffering with the financial burden he felt in having to support them.

"It's a tough one, it's a difficult one," Adebayor told the BBC regarding his relationship with his family.


"I am not saying that is why they didn't keep me but it can be part of it.

"My mum is saying I have never given her $200. People that I don't know, I have bought houses for them. I bought cars for them so my mum cannot say certain things, my family cannot say certain things," he added.

Former Real Madrid and Tottenham man Adebayor believes he has changed as a person since the social media outburst, thanking his mother for being there for him.

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