I gave you everything – Paul Dogboe to Isaac Dogboe

Paul And Isaac Dogboe Paul Dogboe with his son Isaac Dogboe

Thu, 21 Jan 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Paul Dogboe, the father of former world champion Isaac Dogboe has suggested that his son is yet to properly appreciate the sacrifices he (Paul Dogboe) made for him to thrive as a boxer.

Paul Dogboe in a Peace FM interview said that he played his role as a father exceedingly and did what a responsible father would for his son.

He noted that if he channelled part of the investment he made into his son into another boxer, he would have made significant returns.

“We branded him properly. Look at the international recognition he had which was made by one person, that’s the dad. He got it all. From Kumasi straight to England and then from there he became three times champion of England. Went to the Olympics and became a world champion at the age of 23 so what else can you give to a son growing up?

There are a lot of boxers struggling and for me hearing that, it is a disgrace. I don’t think there is something wrong with this kid. If a quarter of what he had and backing he had was given to a kid in Bukom, I promise you, we would raise world champions in Ghana”, he said.

Paul Dogboe was reacting to a tweet by his son which gave hints of suicidal thoughts.

“A lot of people sent me that because Ghanaians like bad news but I think the kid is just playing on the minds of Ghanaians. I just didn’t understand why that tweet. This kid had it all, we gave him our best and broke our back to put him on the pedestal and made him a world champion”.

Paul Dogboe’s statement comes in the wake of reports a breakdown in the relationship between the boxer and his father.

It has been speculated that Dogboe’s decision to cut ties with his father as the trainer did not go down well with the father who allegedly warned his son against making any such decision.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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