I need to drop to the Light Middleweight - Clottey

Mon, 21 Dec 2015 Source: sportscrusader.com

Joshua Clottey admits he will need to revert to his Light Middleweight class as he feels uncomfortable with his stepped up division following his latest defeat to Gabriel Rosado.

The 38-year-old slumped to his 5th career defeat against Rosado, 28, who was making a return to the ring in over a year on Saturday night in New York.

Clottey, however, was fighting at a stretched weight division as he needed to make a lot of gains fight in the Middleweight.

The Ghanaian, a former Welterweight titlist admits he will have to revert to his more comfortable division as a Light Middleweight to get his career back on track.

“This was an off night for me,” Clottey said after his defeat to Rosado on Saturday night.

“I do think that the fans enjoyed the fight. We are both fighters that do not like to back down.

“However, I don’t feel comfortable at this weight class, I want to go back down to 154 and continue to fight at junior middleweight.”

Source: sportscrusader.com