I wasn’t making anything – Ike Quartey reveals why he stopped promoting fights

Ike Quartey4 Legendary boxer Ike Quartey

Tue, 18 Aug 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Legendary boxer Ike Quartey says he abandoned his boxing promotion dreams due to losses incurred from the venture.

Quartey, one of Ghana’s decorated boxers went into promotion of fights after hanging his gloves.

His career in that aspect of the sport was short-lived as he pulled out at some point.

Quartey is quoted by Graphic Sports to have said that boxing in the country does not fetch a lot of money.

The report adds that Quartey grew frustrated with the losses and decided to abandon it.

He noted that the desire to impact his experience and knowledge on younger boxers and develop the sports was high but the cost involved discouraged him.

“I was promoting fights because I wanted to help develop the sport but I wasn’t making anything out of it. It was bad business for me so I lost interest in it. I don’t want to end up investing all my money in boxing promotion without making gains,” Quartey said.

Quartey bemoaned the lack of talented fighters in Ghana currently. He called for a resurrection of the amateur boxing systems that helped discover boxing talents.

“Sometimes you are moved to invest in getting talented boxers to the top but as it stands now, we don’t have good fighters. Our amateur system is dead and we don’t have good amateur fighters. All these factors discouraged me from investing in boxing promotion,” he pointed out.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com