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J.Y Appiah has benefited from Ghana football more than ‘goro boys’ – Oduro Sarfo

Controversial Football Administrator Oduro Sarfo has hit back at J.Y. Appiah over his “Goro Boys” comment on Agoo TV.

J.Y. Appiah speaking to Adam Adjei on Agoo TV on Tuesday asked for a collective effort to weed out ‘squatters’ from the Ghana Football Association premises. The former GHALCA boss believes that those who hang around the Ghana Football Association all the time although they have no official assignments there are those who pilfer documents and sell them to others for protest cases which cause lots of litigations between clubs.

J.Y Appiah labeled those people as ‘goro boys’, who take their bath, dress up to the FA Secretariat just to wit, and also serve as middlemen to create confusion in Ghana football.


Oduro Sarfo reacting to J.Y Appiah, hit back stating that he (J.Y.Appiah) has benefited from Ghana Football more than the so called “Goro Boys” therefore if he wants to still earn respect from people like him, he should spare us or else I will show him the red light.

“What did I hear J.Y. Appiah say, in fact he should spare us. I confronted him when he made this horrible statement and he apologized to me that I am not the main target”

“You have benefited from Ghana Football even more than the Goro Boys you are talking about and we all know that you are the sole supplier of mitre balls we use in the Ghana Premier leagur but nobody has questioned you on how you won this bidding so why should somebody be your target “ Oduro Sarfo told Agoo TV

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