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Jessie Magdaleno will go down - Isaac Dogboe assures

Isaac Dogboe is bidding to become Ghana’s eighth World Champion and before achieving that he must take care of WBO World super bantamweight champion Jessie Magdaleno.

The Ghanaian will take on Magdaleno this Saturday in Philadelphia, USA.

The two are no strangers to each as in 2014 they sparred each other but this time they will be entering the ring to fight for a world belt.

Dogboe earned a shot at Magdaleno’s title when he stopped Cesar Juarez in round to win the interim WBO World super bantamweight at the Bukom Boxing Arena in Ghana on January 6th, 2018.

Ahead of the fight, Ghanacrusader.com held court with the 23 year-old hard puncher. The former Olympian spoke on the upcoming fight, predicting doom for the Mexican.

Read below the transcript of Dogboe’s interview


Tell us about your training camp?

ID: I have a good training camp. Team Dogboe is ready for Jessie Magdaleno on April 28th. It is going to be an exciting night of boxing.

As a young boxer how do you feel headlining the bout in Philadelphia?

ID: We are headlining a big bout put together by Top Rank and it will be televised on ESPN, it is been televised globally and we like keep saying we all about breaking records and setting records i’m an emerging rising star, already we have dominated Africa interms of viewership we believe that i will go down as the first pay per view star ever to come out of Africa, it is great, 23 years old headlining a world title fight so it is just keep getting better.

How do you see Jessie Magdaleno now comparing it to the time you sparred him?

ID: The only difference is that he is a world title and i’m interim world champion, so my development has been very progressive and i will say i’m blessed. 4-0 i had the chance to spar Jessie Magdaleno and he was about 21-0, and i stood my grounds and a few years down the line we are meeting in a world title clash so it is going to be hell of a fight. I can’t wait, i believe that God is going to give us victory again.


Is Jessie Magdaleno ready to take your shots?

ID: We just have to wait and see. I believe that when i hit him he is going to fill it and eventually he is going to go down. I believe that it is going to be a knockout victory for us by God’s grace, i wholeheartedly believe that and i can’t wait to get in the ring and just show the world what we are made of. We all about setting records ad breaking records, i just can’t wait.

Ghanaians don’t know who Jessie Magdaleno is, how will you describe Magdaleno?

ID: Jessie is a good boxer he has got a great boxing IQ, he is fast, he is a southpaw and he can hit too but i believe that he is not as strong as i’m. Everything that he brings to the table we will have an antidote to it. I know he is going to run all night. At the first onset he will try and fight fire with fire but that is not going to work, that will make him get knocked out so it is going to be one hell of a night and i can’t wait to actually go out there and have him.

Magdaleno’s Promoter Top Rank is promoting the show, do you feel intimidated?

ID: They can all be in the corner of Jessie Magdaleno but when God is on your side nothing else matters. They say that a thousand enemies around me but God is still my strength, he is the one that trains my hands for battle and my fingers for war so once the bell goes you will know that the ancient gates of heaven will be opened the warrior Angels will take control and the Holy Spirit will take control and like we did in Ghana on January 6th against Cesar Juarez, it is going to be a repeat or even better so we just can’t wait to go out there and knock Jessie Magdaleno out and bring the title back home.


The bookmakers have tagged you as an underdog, how do you take it?

ID: You just has to be calm, relax and collective. They can tag us as an underdog what you have to do is just keep focus and keep proving them wrong. You can’t go out there and try make argument with them is not relevant, what you have to do is just keep focus on the task ahead and go out there and do what you have to do and you know that by the grace of God we will becoming out with victory.

Can your quality over shadow Magdaleno?

ID: Most definitely because we are coming out of that fight with victory. We don’t see that fight traveling the distance. Like i said it is just going to be an exciting fight, it is going to be an exciting night and everyone will be on their toe and people will be asking who is this kid and come April 28th everyone will really know that Isaac ‘Royal Storm’ Dogboe has taken the world by storm.

A lot of people thought you should taken five months rest after your fight with Cesar Juarez?

ID: After coming out of that fight, i didn’t get any injury, i didn’t get hurt so it is just the matter of taping because the fitness is already there, all we just have to do is to adapt to who we are going fight and just a make a few adjustment from our mistakes that we made in the last fight so this fight is more like a continuing training camp. Because that fight against Juarez wasn’t really like a fight that kills your body. Come April 28th we will be more than ready and we will be in the ring solid as a rock to take down Jessie Magdaleno.

The Mexicans will be at the arena what will you tell them?

ID: All i have to say is that, the Mexican’s should come out and support their fighter Jessie Magdaleno, i know that they are great boxing fans and as the fighting is going on they are going to switch side. I have also got some Mexican fans out there so i can’t wait to meet them all.

Your final words to Ghanaians?

ID: All i can say is God bless the entire nation for their support for everything that they have done. They have always supported me with their prayers and i will say they should continue to support me because the voice of the people is the voice of God. If they are crying to the almighty God it means that great things are bound to happen. We all know that the nation is crying for a credible world champion and they should continue to pray that April 28th the Holy Spirit will deliver for us all.

Source: ghanacrusader.com