Soccer News Thu, 2 Feb 2006

JoeTex, Nigerian Press & Duya blamed

PORT SAID ? Ghanaian Football officials were strong-faced when they left for Accra yesterday after failing to qualify for the quarter finals of the MTN African Cup of Nations here. And they were unanimous in blaming their ouster on former Enyimba of Aba FC striker, Joetex Frimpong.

?You Nigerian Press misled us into believing that he was a good striker. He failed us. He did not perform at all?, one of the officials told Nigerian journalists at the Helnan hotel as they packed out.

?He was a disappoint. He could not even play well and missed so many opportunities. We gave him equal opportunity to prove himself but he failed woefully. Oh Charlie! He was awful?, another official quipped in his heavy Ghanaian accent.


But opinions are divided among their Journalists who said that it was time their foreign coach Ratmoir Djugovic quit. ?Look at Nigeria. All the former players are in charge. But, not for Ghana.''

''What we have in the crew are even people that did not play Handball?, Kwansah voiced at the Media centre

?It is a shame that Ghana finished at this level. Nigerians assured us that they would beat Senegal for us to beat Zimbabwe and qualify. They beat Senegal and we fumbled. Charlie! It is a shame. The foreign coach knows nothing. He, too, must go for Ghana to make an appreciable impact in the World Cup?, Kwansah said.

Source: vanguard (Nigeria)