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KP Boateng advocates for video technology to kick out racism

Eintracht Frankfurt midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng is advocating for the introduction of video technology to fight racism in the game.

The 30-year-old has been a subject racist slur in his career and walked off the pitch in 2013 during a friendly game between AC Milan and Pro-Patria.

The Ghanaian has called for tough pass in the fight against racism and believes video evidence could be of essential help.

"We are writing the year 2017 and still have not found a way to do it," said Kevin-Prince Boateng in an interview with the news magazine "Focus".

"We've got goal-line technique and the video that Boateng was offside and the relf was not given. But why do not we use the technique that every racist is identified, kicked out, and never returned to the stadium? "


Such measures would "help mankind and not only sport," added the 30-year-old, who returned to Eintracht Frankfurt in the summer .

"There are incidents in every new season. It just can not happen. "

In January 2013, Boateng left the squad in a friendly match with AC Milan against Pro Patria after he and other dark-skinned players had been offended by spectators.

"Whenever I got the ball, there were breeding and monkey suits against me," he later said before an Italian court. "I was mocked because I'm dark-skinned."

After that, Boateng was invited to the UN Round-Table on Anti-Racism Day.

Source: GHANAsoccernet.com
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