Kurt Okraku's administration urged to consider juvenile, schools football in balls distribution

Kurt Okraku   Sports Check GFA President, Kurt E.S. Okraku

Mon, 27 Jul 2020 Source: footballghana.com

The Ghana Football Administration (GFA) under Kurt Okraku has been advised to pay particular attention to juvenile football also called colts.

Makkenzy Golightly, a juvenile trainer based in the UK has called on the current football leaders to organize more training courses for juvenile and youth coaches and plan for more competitive matches all over the country.

He said the grassroots are the foundation and they need support than the big clubs who must not depend on the GFA.

“Football in Ghana must develop from down to the top, and not from the top to down, which is a disaster” he expressed.

He noted that the colts and schools must be given more balls so that they can train well.

He stressed that the national football plan or formation must be learnt and played from the kids level to the adult level.

“We have our own system or formation called Agoro, and by this time we should have developed it and have a different vibration,” he said.

According to him, it is sad that Ghana would reach the finals of the Africa Nations Cup competition and lose at the finals, and allow Cameroun and Egypt to win more tournaments than the Black Stars.

He urged Kurt Okraku and his executive council to consider the schools and colleges, where there are educated talents as well as the kids in academies and colts to unearth the raw talents.

Source: footballghana.com
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