Kwesi Appiah to curb indiscipline in Black Stars by creating competition

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Wed, 17 May 2017 Source: sportscrusader.com

Black Stars head coach, James Kwesi Appiah, has emphasized the need to create competition in the current Black Stars so as to curb the recurrent indiscipline in the team.

At his unveiling as the new coach of the Black Stars at the Ghana Football Association (GFA) secretariat yesterday, the Black Stars returnee coach asserted to creating the room for competition which should subsequently form part of the laid down systematic procedural for the Black Stars in the future.

“What we should all be looking at is,we need actually to build a team, all along we keep making ‘mistakes’, but we need to plan and this planning involves creating competition in the team. When you don’t have competition that is where you experience indiscipline and all sort of petty problems.

“So I believe that, there should be creation of more players at each position, in such a way that if Ghanaians are aware that we have three players for a position, automatically it will raise the team up".

"Thus anybody who get the chance to wear the jersey would have to ‘kill’ himself for the team,” he noted.

He added: ” For that reason I’m 100% percent sure on how we need to build a team in four to five years, so as to ensure some kind of consistency and we have to plan towards it.”

Source: sportscrusader.com
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