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Lesley Sackey Explores The Link Between Ghana And Female Boxing

For immediate release: February 25, 2011

ABA Champion and European Union Gold Medalist, Lesley Sackey investigates the

landscape of female boxing in Ghana, West Africa in a new documentary.

In the London hosted 2012 Olympics next year, female boxing is appearing for the

first time in over 100 years. To commemorate the historic event and to bring further

analysis to the dynamic and newly explored world of female boxing, Lesley Sackey

will visit Ghana in a quest to find the parallels and differences between England and


Ghana’s respective female boxing cultures, and to seek further insight about her

own personal journey into boxing.

“My father is from Ghana, my boxing trainer MR. Akay (MBE) is also from Ghana. I

always thought I just fell into boxing by accident, but I now wonder where my

fighting spirit really came from.” Lesley explains, “Ghana has a strong heritage in

boxing and I wondered whether my path into boxing wasn’t as random as I once



While exploring how her Ghanaian heritage has added impetus to her fighting spirit,

Lesley will also learn the realities of females’ roles in Ghana’s boxing culture.

The documentary aims to find out how popular female boxing is as a sport in Ghana,

what challenges female boxers face and how they compare to the challenges of their

British female contemporaries, and their response to the sport being included in the

2012 Olympics.

The project will also explore the cultural impact of boxing on the West African



Shot and edited by BBC Sports producer and journalist Rasheed Speede, the

documentary will be filmed March 4th?15th 2011 in Accra and the fighting town of


Notes for editors

Lesley Sackey’s boxing accomplishments include:

ABA champion

European Union Gold Medalist

Current England Boxer

BBC3 Last Woman standing finalist

The documentary will be filmed for 10 days in Ghana – March 4 – 15th

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