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My core duty is to defend GFA - Sannie Daara hits back at critics

The Communications Director of the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Sannie Daara has stated that he acted as a journalist, hence his diligence in the execution of his duty and his criticism of the FA then. However, now that he is part of the Association as a Spokesperson, his core duty is to defend the association at all times.

Answering to a question posed to him by Esther Abankwa during a Sports Program 'On the Turf "on Angel TV over the weekend, Sannie Daara observed that he is paid solely to be the mouthpiece of the FA and can never criticize it.


"When I was at BBC, I was a very diligent and hardworking journalist. Let me clarify this, sometimes the way you see things from the outside is different from how it is inside". I cross checked my facts anytime I was working on something" he said.

Ever since Ibrahim Sannie Daara was appointed as the Spokesman for the FA, he has received backlash from the public for his failure to be diligent as he was known during his days at Choice FM and the BBC.

Source: Angel TV
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