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Normalisation Committee media briefing marred by 'stupidity' comment

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Wed, 17 Oct 2018 Source:

The first media interaction of the FIFA Normalisation Committee has been badly marred after lawyer Duah-Adonteng descended on the 'stupidity' of a veteran journalist for questioning his lateness to the scheduled programme.

Ekow Asmah, an outspoken but open-minded Ghanaian journalist, questioned the perceived habitual lateness of the Normalisation Committee member.

However, Duah-Adonteng, who was an hour late for the body's maiden interaction with the press, did not take kindly to the direct approach telling the Ghanaian journalist; "Gentleman! Do you know why? I won't take this stupidity from you again.''

The bizarre reaction from the former Managing Director of Ghana Post has overshadowed the media briefing which touched on wide range of issues and pertinent issues affecting the game in the country.

The freelance journalist Ekow Asmah queried why the spokesperson of the Normalisation Committee (Dan Kweku Yeboah) had asked the gathering to clap for the legal practitioner on account of him being a lawyer.

"Let's put our hands together for lawyer Duah Adonteng a member of the committee, he is a legal practitioner so he had to attend some meetings...," Mr Yeboah said.

"Did you say we should clap for him, for coming late, or?" Mr Asmah queried during the Question and Answer segment of the briefing.

To which a furious Mr Adonteng replied: "You don't know what you are talking about...". He added: " I am not interested in this stupidity".

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