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Normalization Committee do not respect clubs - Oduro Sarfo

General Manager of Berekum Chelsea Football Club Nana Oduro Sarfo has said the Normalization Committee (NC) of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), does not have respect for clubs.

He said the NC does not communicate to them about the happenings in Ghana football adding that they always rely on the media for information.

According to Mr. Sarfo, they always get information from the media before the NC officially communicate decisions to them.

He described it as an act of disrespect to the people who are using their resources to run football.

“The NC does not have respect for clubs.The congress men are the highest body when it’s comes to football.Everything that the NC will do or say, congress men are not aware and they always hear it from the media and i am just receiving this congress date from the various radio stations ,”he told Ghanacrusader Radio.

Even though Oduro Sarfo says they are not aware, he said there is still a chance that they could be going for congress on August 17, if the NC follow the right procedures.

“It can be possible that we will go to congress on the 17th because we have tomorrow to pick documents about the congress meeting but impossible if we are not able to pick documents tomorrow.

Moreover August 17, is on Saturday ,so i don’t know what the NC is doing that they want to put congress on Saturday but they should know that we all have something to do on Saturdays, “he added.

Source: ghanacrusader.com
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