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Normalization Committee platform for sharing ideas – President

Dr Kofi Amoah Pic President of Normalization Committee, Kofi Amoah

Thu, 11 Oct 2018 Source:

The Normalization Committee is the platform to receive ideas from the football community for the reforms of Ghana football, according to its President, Dr. Kofi Amoah.

The Committee, which has six months mandate to manage Ghana football in the interim was tasked by Fifa to review the statues of the Ghana Football Association and also “organise and conduct elections of a GFA executive committee on the basis of the revised GFA statutes”.

The football quarters have whined for reforms to help better and restore public confidence in the ailing game in Ghana by 31st March, 2019, after the Committee was set up on September 13,2018 in Accra.

And the President of the Committee, Dr. Kofi Amoah says they are a body that will receive ideas from football constituents to reform the game currently ind doldrums.

Speaking in an interview with the BBC, Mr. Amoah revealed that: “We met with all the constituents of the football family to have a dialogue and we asked them to put down what they think is wrong and any good idea that they have and we’ve received a lot of them.”

The Ghanaian media and connoisseurs of the game in the West African country have suggested numerous schemes to help improve the game and Mr. Amoah, believe most of the propositions on the airwaves are brilliant ones.

“When you listen to radio, people come on radio and you see that ‘that’s a great idea this guy is talking about.’ So the solutions are out there.” He reckoned.

There have been claims the Committee is a politically motivated appointment, but Dr. Amoah disagrees with the assertion, saying; “We the Normalization Committee, we want to be a platform from which ideas will come in and we will use these ideas to reform Ghana football.”

The Committee held its first meeting with the Executives of the Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) late last month and both parties recognized the need to “resume football activities in Ghana and most especially the welfare of players”.

The meeting also unanimously agreed on the development of a Competition before assuring Ghanaians that ” their game will be back with the excitement and professionalism that it deserves.”

Chairman of the GHALCA, Kudjoe Fianoo told the media the meeting “was a positive one,” before adding “We are industry players, the Normalization Committee, regulators so it is fine that we both met and we feel that will serve as the fillip to the resumption of football in Ghana (after 5 months).

“We as clubs are yearning to resume the industry we’ve invested in and the Normalization Committee is also ready to lead us to resume duty.” he revealed.

However, the Competition they unanimously agreed to develop it still unknown after over weeks since the meeting.

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