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Randy Abbey calls for change at GFA

Bankroller of second-tier side Heart of Lions, Randy Abbey, believes the time has come for changes to be effected at the helm of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) considering the decline of football.

The downward surge of Ghana’s football development has become a worrying phenomenon to all stakeholders in the game with numerous people calling for change with regards to the directional policy of football in the country.

But the former FA Spokesman believes the time has come for change and reiterated the need to engage serious minds who poised to revamp football in the country.

“We need new ideas and a change in direction at Ghana football association because the system is not working. It is unintelligent for people to say the contract documents of startimes cannot be made available for clubs who are shareholders in this case.


“I will never campaign for a useless change. We need serious minds who can change Ghana football for the better because football is not a joke,” Abbey told Atinka FM.

Abbey added,”Statistically, Kwesi Nyantakyi did very well in his first term in office but has declined sharply after his second term till date.”

Meanwhile, reports in the media landscape suggest that, Nyantakyi is likely to run for the fourth despite his earlier indication of not contesting for the 2019 presidential polls.

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