Sports Features Fri, 27 May 2016

Sports Minister has no right to interfere in GFA activities

The sports minister, Nii Lamptey Vanderpuyer, is not working but rather talking and witch-hunting the GFA.

A minister, who should make sure all his concentration and effort is behind the contingent going to participate in the upcoming Olympic games to excel,he is unnecessarily harassing the football federation.The Olympic team is going to Brazil with no hope-complaining of lack of funds and enough preparation and instead of the minister to go to their aid, he is rather calling for an accountability of a football friendly in Japan.

l thought Nii Lamptey, who was once a sports journalist would know better in terms of business point of view that- it is only when you finance somebody to do something for you, that will give you an impetus or the gut to ask of him to account for what he used the money for.

l challenge, Nii Lamptey, if not only talking for talking sake- to come out and tell the public when and where he sponsored the national team trip for the Japan friendly.l can evidently say that, the team camping and their traveling arrangement including visa acquisition were all done from the coffers of the GFA.


The minister, is a hypocrite to an extent that he only want the FA to be unpopular before the Ghanaian populace else Accountability is not done on radio.l would like to use this biggest medium in advising the FA to be cautious about the sports minister,he is similar to chameleon. A person like this would not mine leaking all the meetings with the FA to some media houses.

Fame and honor is not attained by calling doom to others and if the sports minister want to succeed,he should leave the FA alone.

Even the clubs who gave their players for that friendly trip have not complained -the likes of Berekum Chelsea, lost their key players to that friendly and they had to lose their league match to Hearts of Oak because of that.

The biggest test for Nii Lamptey's, administration ever since he took over at the sports ministry is now the upcoming Olympic games.He should pray things go well else he will bear all the responsibility.l am done.

Source: Raymond Agbonlahol Yeboah