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Sports Ministry, RICS Consult, named in AFCON cash scandal

The annual report of the Auditor – General has revealed the complicity of the ministry of Youth and Sports, and the Rex Dankwa – owned RICS Consult Limited in the procurement process relating to Ghana’s bid to host the 2017 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament.

The report revealed that the company was contracted by the ministry to handle all document –related issues concerning the bid for the tournament.

The amount of $68,736.64 was paid for the service rendered. However Ghana lost the bid, and the lot fell on Gabon to host the tournament.

It was later revealed by the Auditor – General’s report that due process was not followed, as the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) wasn’t notified of the outsource of the contract to RICS Consult.


The ministry is therefore tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the amount paid to the company had been properly accounted for, and as such all who had flouted procurement laws were made to face the full rigours of the law, in accordance with section 90 of the procurement law.

The report further stated that there was the need to investigate an amount of GHC125,000 paid to the same company, without any form of written authorization.

Sources trace the origin of the money to the World Cup account, and it was originally intended for use by an eleven – member committee that was constituted to draw up a bid document for the right to host the tournament.

The report therefore required the relevant state agencies to hold RICS Consult Limited liable for any questions concerning the amount of GHc125, 000 paid to them.


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