Soccer News Mon, 18 Mar 2002

Sunyani goes gay

Ecstasy and jubilation gripped Sunyani yesterday morning following the triumphant entry of new Guinness Gala champions B.A. United.

With brass band music, jubilant supporters of the club trooped to the main road leading to the town from Kumasi to usher the team to the town.

The jubilation also saw taxi cabs blowing their horns to signify victory for the new gala lords while all manner of persons danced to the brass band music. The town was also decorated with yellow and black colours which form the traditional colours of B.A. United.

The jubilation also led to increase in sales by merchants and vendors of all types of wares. The yellow and black materials were bought off the shelves of most shops for the celebration to express the loyalty of the fans to the club.


In an interview, the Public Relations Officer of B. A United, Mr Ransford Antwi, said the achievement is not for the club alone but for the entire region.

He stated that this is not the first time the club has achieved such a feat, the first one was in 1966 when the club won the league title, which was cancelled due to the coup d’etat against President Nkrumah that year. Mr Antwi was of the view that since the inception of the gala competition this is the first time the club has won it.

He therefore called on all soccer-loving fans, philanthropists and organisations to come to the aid of the club.

He thanked all those who made their victory a success and assured the numerous supporters of the club that they will be a force to reckon with in the coming season if given the needed support.

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