Why Coach Stevanovic Must Stay

Thu, 16 Feb 2012 Source: FRANK GOKA

All too soon, the 28th Edition of CAF African Cup of Nations is a history and Ghana’s thirst for annexing a 5th trophy on anniversary of the third decade since winning it in 1982 is fizzled and dwindled. Frustrated and broken-hearted fans have called for the head of Coach Stevanovic and our one –and –only footballer, dancer cum rapper “Odumfo-kumfo” Asamoah Gyan for the Star’s failure at the tournament. Folks, I share your pain and anguish and totally support your verbal corporal punishment directed at the players and their management in its entirety except that with all honesty, I will oppose any action that might determine to terminate the coach’s appointment at this time. One might wonder why I am advocating for the coach:

Well, the answer is simple. Time and time in history and in our personal dealings, we would attest that consistency is a major catalyst to success in life. The longer we stay at a profession or a task, the better we become at it and experience, they say is the best teacher. I believe Stevanovic has learnt his lessons from this tournament which I have no doubt will help him build a formidable team for the World Cup qualifications and eventual participation. We should not forget Zambia is in our group for the qualification and no coach would like to fail twice. Again, without searching far, we can see what consistency could do for a team like the Chipolopolos with about 90% local players. We have tried the trivial way of hiring a coach with “win-win” mentality but for 30 years now, it has proven ineffective. Why can’t we task and try this coach with “build-and-win” notion and see what we shall harvest in return? Each time, we sack a coach as a result of failure at a tournament; we disorganize the team by such action and start from the nadir; therefore, we shall continue to qualify for tournaments by dint of a hard work but will not possess the zeal of the Seals to accomplish the task.

Again, we shall sack the coach and begin another vicious cycle futility. Nonetheless, no one should misconstrued and misapply my suggestion as holding brief for the coach at all. Mr. Stevanovic, I know Serbia is a Football loving nation, but please be informed that the passion and appetite of Ghanaians when it comes to that globular object is higher than that of Serbia three times or more! We hired you for a “gargantuan” salary, a plush accommodation and almost everything at your disposal so you can feel comfortable to fulfill your obligation by building a team that can win trophies. After all, you called yourself a “Trophy-winning Coach”, so what has changed? It’s considered willful negligent and financial lost to the Nation for you to abandon the packages that come with your contract but for the salary; and go on a spending spree in Serbia. Sit your butt down and start building the team with the local players. We as a nation have been staring at the holy soccer-land of “Kanan” for too long! It’s time we step there and share the glory. I have wiped many tears and consoled many souls. We have heard the assurances and the promises. Now, we need action and results and the only way I foresee that happening is when we retain this coach and accord him our support at this turbulent times. I was very touched when I read about his willingness to continue the job despite being in the known that even the unborn child of Ghana will not forgive him for AFCON 2012 debacle. Ghanaians, let’s give him a second chance which I believe will yield results that we are all clamouring for. Everyone deserves a second chance. We can do it, God being our helper!!!



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