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Why Kenpong Cappuccino is the Kennedy Agyapong of Ghana football

Business mogul and philanthropist, Kenpong Cappuccino

Sun, 19 Nov 2023 Source: Cedric Kekeli, Contributor

In the New Patriotic Party’s presidential primaries held on November 4, 2023, Kennedy Agyapong made a definite and resounding impact, recording an impressive 37.41% of total votes cast.

Kennedy Agyapong’s performance in the NPP ‘showdown’ as impressive as it is, came as a shock to many political watchers. The feat by the Assin Central MP which has affirmed him as an indispensable member of the NPP and crucial voice in their bid to ‘break the 8’ was anchored on some key factors.

Among the factors that culminated in the relative success of Kennedy Agyapong is his reputation as a ‘grassroots man’, business mogul, anti-establishment man, philanthropist, and shrewd and experienced politician.

The success of Kennedy Agyapong has triggered conversations in the football industry with most followers of Ghana football raising questions on if there’s anyone in the industry who can pull off a Kennedy Agyapong.

To the discussants, Ghana football now more than ever needs someone who has not been part of the system and will come in with fresh, innovative and business-oriented ideas to move the game forward.

One name which has featured prominently in the conversations is that of an accomplished businessman who is also interestingly called Kennedy Agyapong but known widely as Kenpong.

We draw a parallel between the factors that propelled Kennedy Agyapong and the qualities of Kenpong that make him the perfect person to crush the establishment and rescue Ghana football if the FA decides to adopt a more decentralized and open way of selecting its leaders.

Grassroots man

Like Kennedy Agyapong, Kenpong is a man of the people. His humility and ability to come to the aid of the needy have earned him a saviour-like figure within the football fraternity.

Kenpong has a long history with the various factions in the football circles from the media to club owners to players and lastly officials.

To motivate and encourage the sports media, Kenpong holds an annual get-together with the sports media in Accra and has been a constant source of help for them.

Almost all political and sports serial callers in the country share some relationships with Kenpong because of how supportive he has been of them.

He connects deeply with those at the lowest level of Ghana football.


Experience and disciplinarian

Since the late 90s when he made history as the youngest man to be appointed to the management committee of Kumasi Asante Kotoko, Kenpong has been involved in the running of Ghana football.

He has been a key member of the Asante Kotoko fraternity serving as the vice chairman of the Asante Kotoko board which was led by Herbert Mensah.

He also served on the Asante Kotoko board that had P.V Obeng and businessman, Osei Kwame Despite. He is remembered fondly for how he masterminded the signing of the legendary Stephen Oduro among others.

Kenpong Cappuccino is also a disciplinarian who demands commitment, discipline and punctuality. His success in the corporate world has been hinged on his is insistence on the right things at all times.

Accomplished businessmen

Kennedy Agyapong built his campaign on his ability to create jobs and employ thousands of Ghanaians. This attribute of his aligns perfectly with Kenpong who has a fleet of companies under the Kenpong Group of Companies conglomerate.

Kenpong owns the Kenpong Football Academy, Kenpong Travel and Water, Ice Gold Mineral Water and has been behind the laying of fibre optics in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Benin, and Burkina Faso since 1992.

The Kenpong Travel and Tour company has a rich history of being the major travel and tour company for Ghana’s participation in the World Cup and major AFCON tournaments under both NPP, and NDC governments.

Kenpong at the helm of Ghana football will help as he will bring up innovative and brilliant ideas that will move the game forward.


Despite being the owner of the fast-rising Kenpong Football Academy, Kenpong has always operated from outside the walls of Ghana football, focusing solely on his bid to position the academy as the best in the country.

In a similar style to Kennedy Agyapong whose major preoccupation was executing developmental projects for the Assin Central people, Kenpong can be said not to play any frontal role in Ghana football.

His anti-establishment status means that he can make significant changes and embark on laudable projects if the opportunity ever avails itself.


Kenpong is a philanthropist whose generous and kind gestures extend beyond the football world.

Football supporter groups, sports journalists, ex-footballers and football administrators have all benefited from his magnanimous heart.

Stories abound of how Kenpong has been very supportive of the welfare of many persons within the football industry.

Interestingly, both Kenpong and Kennedy Agyapong have Kumasi connections. Whereas Kennedy Agyapong comes from Assin Dompem but grew up in Kumasi, Kenpong is a Kwahu man who despite growing up in Accra has strong connections with Kumasi due to his love and services for Kumasi Asante Kotoko.

It is worth noting that the video of Daddy Lumba’s ‘Yentie Obiaa’ song was shot in Kenpong’s plush residence which signifies his relationship with some of Ghana’s great entertainment personalities.

Source: Cedric Kekeli, Contributor