Why Richard Commey lost to Lopez – Azumah reveals

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Sun, 22 Dec 2019 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Boxing Hall of Famer, Azumah Nelson has offered a technical insight into Richard Commey’s defeat to Tiefemo Lopez.

Ghanaians had the shock of their lives after Commey who had been tipped heavily by boxing pundits in the country to overcome the American suffered a round 2 knockout.

In the second round of the bout, Commey was sent to the canvass by a heavy shot from Lopez which proved the decider in the bout.

Commey after being floored by the heavy blow, hurriedly stood up for the continuation of the fight, a decision which has been questioned by people who followed the bout.

Like many Ghanaians who watched the bout, Azumah feels Commey should have spent a few seconds on the floor.

In the wisdom of the celebrated boxer, that would have allowed him to recover from the shock of the blow.

“I always say that boxing is boxing and anything can happen. They can knock him in the first round and he can knock his opponent too. He made a mistake and clashed with the punch and he went down and he is supposed to stay down for a while. He had about ten seconds to be on the floor but when he went down, he just rushed up”.

“I have been telling people that punch is like electric shock so when you go down you have to wait for a while for the power to go off but if the power doesn’t go out and you wake up, you’ll fall down again. The mistake he made was getting up quickly”.

Azumah also declared his backing for Commey to recover from the loss. He urged him to return home, commit himself to training and work his way to the top again.

“We all learn from our mistakes. He should come home, watch the video with his coaches and see how he can correct them.".

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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