Winning a world title is like bagging a masters degree - Joshua Clottey has no regret ditching school for boxing

Joshua Clottey MAIN 700x350 1 former IBF welterweight champion, Joshua Clottey

Tue, 21 Mar 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Contrary to the popular notion that academically unintelligent boys chase a career in boxing, Joshua Clottey has stated that he was a super brilliant student during his school days.

According to the former IBF welterweight champion, though he was a brilliant student in his Junior High School days, he opted out because boxing offered him a chance to make it in life.

Joshua Clottey said he does not regret dropping out of school because winning a world title in boxing is equal to graduating with a Master's degree.

“I was a brilliant student in school. I used to be among the first and second in my class. I was able to finish JHS and I understand when people speak English and I can respond."

"Even if you finish your Master's you still have to learn in life, so we have life knowledge and education knowledge and I have that. I wanted to make it because I dropped out of school so me being a boxer I have to make sure that I become a world champion."

“Dropping out of school to become a world champion is more or less like having a Master’s in education. So I never feel ashamed of dropping out of school,” Joshua Clottey said in an interview with Joy News.

Joshua Clottey after more than ten years of professional boxing has fought 47 times, 5 defeats, and 42 victories with 24 of his victories coming by way of technical knockouts.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com