You can't use TikTok while getting ready for matches - Muntari to Ghana players

Muntari Otto Addo Sulley Muntari with Otto Addo

Sun, 4 Dec 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Ex-Ghana international, Sulley Muntari, has stated that Black Stars players must desist from getting distracted by social media platforms including TikTok while preparing for matches.

Speaking in an interview with TV3, Sulley Muntari observed how some young players in the Black Stars have grown fond of the Chinese video app which has become addictive for the youth.

According to him although coaches cannot ban players from using the app, it would be appropriate for them to control its use when preparing for matches.

Muntari explained that players might risk losing concentration before matches if coaches give them the liberty to use social media indiscriminately in the locker room when preparing for a match of big magnitude.

“I won’t say it’s bad, but it’s the time… they can still do it but then it’s the preparation that you can do it in the right way,” the UEFA Champions League winner said.

He added, “you can’t allow a little kid to be in the changing room using Tiktok whiles you’re getting ready to go on the field and warm up and go play a really important game that maybe 30 million people are waiting to watch and their heart and hope is on you,” he added.

Muntari further emphasized that setting boundaries for players by coaches is the only way they can get the best from their players to avoid any disappointments.

“You can do it in a way that you can do your Tiktok after the game because then you instil that in his mind that whatever you do here goes with you.

“So by doing that, putting them in the right environment, you run when its 90 minutes, you can go do your Tiktok, party, chill but when it comes to playing you really have to dedicate yourself in there,” Muntari stated.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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