Most Ghana bouts are 'fixed' – Pappoe

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2016-09-19 14:23:47
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Most Ghana bouts are 'fixed' – Pappoe

And it is not just in boxing. In some other sports too the president of the federation will 'fix' by making sure that the person who is likely to cause an uupset, for one reason or another does not participate. in this situation they take bribes from fedeartions of other countries who want to keep certain athletes out of the competition to make sure their athletes and their flags go up. These people have no sense of national pride, are not true to the country and are complete sell outs. That's what's happening. We can say it here on the forums but does anyone who actually cando something about it listen and take note and do something??? Let's hope so.

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Re: Most Ghana bouts are 'fixed' – Pappoe