>"Say It Loud" Awards for 2001

SIL Awards 
"Sleeping-with-the enemy" Award WINNER:JW  90% of his rantings on Ghana & Ghanaians is negative, but deep down he loves us. Or?
Shakspeare Award  WINNER:taa-daw mojo Look up the authors of your dictionary and I'm almost certain you'll find this name among the lot.
Paa, dictionaries are not cheap & time is money, so please break it down. If this is a sinsiter attempt to sell us dictionaries, then adopt a better stategy, because we're not buying it.
Alhaji Inusah Award WINNER:Turncoat/ OAFs Chairman For his "admirable" ability to switch sides - "yentua" to "who paid for me" - and still maintain his dignity.
Onua, OAF loses it's meaning without you. 
Osama Bin Laden Award WINNER:H. Kwasi Prempeh We Know he's alive, but where is he?
NB: Ghanaweb has over 10 more SIL awards, but since some of our members are thin-skinned, they will receive theirs behind closed doors.
Eg: Teach-me-Teach-me Teacher award, Taliban award, Al Queda award, Aben W) ha award, Kaya Kaya award, Go-Back-to-jail Award, One-way-traffic award ....etc