2006 Review

Review: Major events

Person of the Year

Black Stars
Nations Football Team

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World Cup: Ghana in Germany06
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Sports Person of the year

Stephen Appiah
He did what all of our great captains failed to do. He led Ghana to her first world cup and got us past the first round.

Best Photo

Konongo First Avenue
One small step towards \'house numbering\', one giant leap for "properly-ordered address system in Ghana"

News Media of the Year

Ghanaian Chronicle
Hatrick!!! In these times when the news media is either kowtowing to the gov\'t or planting rumours & untruth to make the gov\'t look bad, Chronicle has maintained a semblance of neutrality and truthfulness. BRAVO!!!

"Osama(n)" Award
Where is he/she/it?

JJ\'s Foreign Account Six years ago, Kweku Baako & some members of the current govt promised to expose this account, which supposedly contained billions. We are still waiting ... or have they found it and shared the booty ;

"Konongo Kaya" Award
He/She does not belong to a place, or can\'t perform a particular task yet won\'t yield to someone who can.

Prof. Atta Mills
(2008 NDC flagbearer) How many defeats does it take to make it clear that he has to give up

"Face-the-wall" Award
Awarded to a person who should be ashmed of himself

Minister Kwamena Bartels
"It is not true that 36 billion has been spent on "party friends and front journalists". Indeed, no money, not even a cedi, has been paid to Ghana Telecom for any such". It turns out he was lying. This is the same minister who proposed "Free farming Land for Ministers & MP\'s" and withdrew his proposal under fire.

OJ Simpson Award
They/He/She did it, but we can\'t prove

Cocaine 4 + \'Tape Names\'
Cocaine 4 (Kwabena Amaning alias Tagor; Alhaji Abass Issah; Kwabena Acheampong and Kwadwo Ababio) and names mentioned on the
cocaine tape, were either involved or knew something about the drug dealings in the country. We were not fooled by the Justice Georgina Woode Committee report.

Song of the Year

Onyame Aseda
by Kwaku Gyasi

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