2004 Review

  • 2004 Review: Major events
  • Person of the Year

    Dr Kwadwo Afari-Gyan
    Chairman of the Electoral Commission (EC)

    Top Story
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    Election 2004
    President Kufuor won a second term and his ruling New Patriotic Party cemented its parliamentary majority after elections that set Ghana firmly on the path towards democracy

    News Media of the Year

    Ghanaian Chronicle
    In these times when our news media is either kowtowing to the gov\'t or planting rumours & untruth to make the gov\'t look bad, Chronicle has maintained a semblance of neutrality and truthfulness. BRAVO!!!

    Best Photo

    Handicapped George Nyame, 38, is helped to a polling booth, at a polling station in Accra
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    Sportsman of the Year

    Michael Essien

    Most Amusing Story
    Voted by -Kwaku Sakyi-Addo (BBC)

    Jesus in Dansoman
    In November, thousands of people flocked to see Christ on a wall at Dansoman, an Accra suburb full of drinking bars and hotels with seedy corporate missions and not-so-Christian client orientation. The image of Christ was noticed by a worshipper on a stone inside the grotto of the Margaret Mary Catholic Church. Doubting Thomases said it was the work of a prankster, or just a coincidence as would be the resemblance of your wife\'s face in the grains of your office desk, or that of your late dog in a passing cloud. But some believers swore it was a sign that the end of the world would come before the end of the year. Very little time left then.

    "Osama(n)" Award
    Where is he/it/she?

    CNTCI Loan
    aka "Chinese Barber Loan" Ghana was to receive, almost for free, millions of dollars (running later into billions), from a private company, whose location became a matter of conjecture, even in Government circles ... READ MORE

    "Konongo Kaya" Award
    He/She does not belong to a place, or can\'t perform a particular task yet won\'t yield to someone who can.

    Members of Parliament
    How did they expect to pay back a $20K loan in 4 years on a $300/mth salary? Now that reality is biting, they\'re whining. Was the job forced on you? If you can\'t do it, why stand for re-election?... READ MORE

    "Face-the-wall" Award
    Awarded to a person who should be ashmed of himself.

    William Kanyi
    Convicted drug smuggler who sued Mary Immaculate Hospital in Queens, NY for $5 million because he did not consent to an operation to remove 44 heroin-filled condoms from his stomach...READ MORE

    OJ Simpson Award
    He did it but, we can\'t prove

    Moctar Bamba
    Disgraced ex-minister; He did it, but how can it be proven, if he\'s being protected from prosecution? He gave us more evidence of the Government\'s goal-post moving antics. Do as I say and not as I do? ...READ MORE

    Best Quote

    Ghanaians To Enjoy Free Education
    -- President Kufuor .. read

    Joke of the Year

    CPP Will Win 150 Seats!
    -- Chairman of CPP, Dr. Edmund Delle ..read

    Best Song

    Scenti No!
    -- by Sydney

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