Business News Wed, 3 Dec 1997

Assembly Members Asked To Mount Education On EU Project

Mankranso (Ashanti Region) 2 Dec. '97

Assembly members have been asked to educate the people in their electoral areas on the difference between European union (EU) and common fund projects. Mr.. K.B. Asomaning, Ahafo-Ano South District Chief Executive said this will enable the communities to know the differences between the time to enhance their contribution towards the projects.


He was speaking at a news conference at Mankranso on measures being adopted by the District Assembly to re-kindle communal spirit to enhance the active participation of communities in projects being executed in their areas. The DCE regretted that the low level of education, has led to some communities wrongly assuming that EU projects are awarded on contract just as common fund ones.

He said the district has been allocated 315 million cedis in support of EU projects this year, but noted that, it is not a gift since communities would have to contribute through communal labour. Mr.. Asomaning said to ensure an equitable distribution of projects the assembly has worked out a system whereby all communities would benefit from common fund projects while EU projects would only go to selected needy and hard working communities. gri

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