Business News Thu, 26 Jun 1997

At The Stock Exchange

Accra, June 25, - Share prices, the GSE All Share Index and Market capitalisation, stalled in a drab session during trading at the Ghana Stock Exchange today. The market indicator registered a zero-point change to remain at 384.82 points as was the situation on Monday. Volume of shares that exchanged hands rose to 37,530 as compared to the week's opening of 17,650 shares. Market capitalisation at today's trading was 2,869.44, the same for Monday. Shares on offer was 279,330 with bids totalling 4,059,970, confirming the bullish nature of the market in recent months. On the broader market, there were no price movements. All equities, except Pioneer Aluminium Factory (PAF), which sold the highest shares of 27,700, the rest sold less than 10,000 shares. The following are the last prices of listed equities quoted in cedis:


ABL 620 AGC 22,000 ALW 1,200 CFAO 31 EIC 525 FML 387 GCB 570 GGL 360 HFC 155 KBL 800 MGL 180 MLC 95 MOGL 6,560 PAF 130 PTC 276 PZ 275 SCB 5,200 SPPC 100 SSB 1,350 UNIL 910 UTC-E 55

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