BIMA cleans Alajo

BIMA Alajo Some BIMA staff in a group picture after clean-up exercise

Wed, 3 Apr 2019 Source: BIMA

Over 160 staff from BIMA Ghana, a provider of mobile delivered health and insurance services in Ghana, stormed Alajo a suburb of Accra in a clean-up exercise.

The exercise was aimed at advocating a clean and healthy environment as well as supporting the Alajo community where the company opened its new office in October 2018.

Staff of BIMA Ghana collected over 200 bags of litter as they travelled from the Alajo lorry station, through the principal streets of Alajo. Community members joined in with staff as they got involved in sweeping the streets, picking plastics, dredging gutters among other activities.

Chief Medical Officer of BIMA Ghana, Dr David Sunu said: "As a company providing healthcare through the BIMA Doctor Service, we believe in prevention. By undertaking this clean up exercise, we are encouraging all Ghanaians to take initiative and ensure their environments are clean, as this will prevent diseases such as cholera, typhoid and even malaria."

Alajo, just like many parts of the city, has been vulnerable and prone to perennial floods, partly caused by a choked drainage system. As a way of preparing for heavy downpours in the coming months, BIMA has dedicated its agents force to step out and clean the environment. This exercise will be extended to other parts of the city which includes James Town in Accra.

Damien Gueroult, Country manager of BIMA Ghana, said: “We are proud to contribute to the drive towards addressing sanitation challenges in Ghana. BIMA Ghana relocated from Accra central to Alajo in October 2018 and as a way of introducing ourselves to the community, we have taken up this trash challenge to clean the environment and also educate our neighbours on the importance of having insurance”.

“A clean environment plays a key role in the health of all people, if we change our attitude towards littering the streets with rubbish and dumping refuse in gutters, it will have a great impact on our environment.” he added

The assembly supported BIMA by supplying two big waste trucks for the event. The Assembly man for Alajo, Ismail Hudu, commended BIMA Ghana for the initiative and advised other companies to contribute to the development of the community.

BIMA uses mobile technology to deliver affordable insurance and health products to underserved consumers and families in emerging markets who cannot access these vital products through traditional channels.

Source: BIMA