Bank introduces scheme to support teachers

Mon, 12 Oct 2009 Source: GNA

Kuntanase (Ash), Oct. 12, GNA - The Bosomtwe Rural Bank has introduced a=

special loan scheme to support teachers pursuing diploma and sandwich education programmes. The package covers payment of all fees for the course duration as well as books and other incidentals. Mr Benjamin Osei, the acting Supervising General Manager, told the=

Ghana News Agency that for a start it has been limited to Bosomtwe, Bekwa= i and Atwima districts. He said so far the bank has disbursed GH¢44,200 but did not put a=

figure on the number of beneficiaries and that the facility is helping to=

keep the teachers in the classroom as they upgraded themselves. Mr. Osei said there was a "Resettlement Loan" for newly trained teachers posted to the three districts to secure decent accommodation and=

room furnishing. These, he said, were geared towards enhancing teaching and learning, particularly in deprived communities, where most trained teachers are reluctant to accept posting. Apart from the teachers, there is also a package for students in senior high school and tertiary institutions. A total 3,430 students are now benefiting and amount of GH¢240,100 had= been released to them.

Source: GNA