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BizTech: How to protect your home when power fails

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Fri, 17 Mar 2023 Source:

The manager of Eben Security Systems Ventures, Michael Twum, has noted that for thieves not to get the opportunity to evade homes to destroy lives and properties or even bolt with items including huge sums of money, property owners should buy a solar alarm system.

The devices, ranging from GSM, solar sirens which comes with censors, window connectors, and smoke alarm, he assured, will help drive thieves away, as well as, safeguard their properties.

Speaking on GhanaWeb TV's BizTech programme, Mr Twum said it was best for property owners to mount censors at vantage points in their homes, offices or businesses to detect intruders.

"You have to mount the censors at vantage points, it could be an angle, a corner, or any area where you want to secure. You have to mount a censor which serves as a detection device and these devices are all paired to the solar siren or the alarm as soon as the intruder enters the area where the censors are installed, it will quickly send a signal to the siren to blow an alarm," he told the host, Ernestina Serwaa Asante.

"The solar alarm system is a proactive device. It actually scares, drives the thieves away. Even if I was the thief and soon as I enter a house and there is an alarm, I would quickly revert and go back," he pointed out.

The Manager of Eben Security Systems Ventures said it was better to buy any security devices from his outfit to protect yourself or your property rather than watch it happen [cctv cameras] and then run after thieves.

Eben Security Systems Ventures has been in existence for 4 years and has branches in Accra, Kumasi, and Takoradi.

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