Build resilient post coronavirus workforce - Mining firms urged

Fri, 31 Jul 2020 Source: GNA

Mr Henry Antwi, an Australian based mining and mineral economics consultant, has urged mining professionals to refocus on building a resilient post COVID-19 workforce for sustainable development.

He said the impact of the pandemic on the future economic and metals market was highly uncertain, adding that mining companies should adapt to changing organisational and business requirements and implement professional development policies to address the challenges.

Mr Antwi, who is also a fellow of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, made these remarks during a virtual presentation in Accra for Mining Network, which is an association of mining professionals at their third quarter meeting for year on the theme: “Navigating Career Challenges in the Mining Industry Post Covid-19.”

He said the virus-related production cuts coupled with high operating costs due to social distancing and stay at home orders would put pressure on profit margins of mining companies and, therefore, called for the needed operational improvement and re-alignment of strategies to the longer term fallout from the pandemic.

“Mining companies should embrace knowledge in artificial intelligence and technology. The challenge for Ghana and other developing countries is to strike a balance between automation and employment and the need to use technology as an augmentation to human skills,” he said.

Mr Antwi said it was important for professionals to adopt skills needed to make them competitive and explore opportunities to diversify and multi-skills, saying; “Embark on short courses to reskill because modern mining involves more than the silos of geology, metallurgy and mining engineering.”

He advised mining companies to boost investment in local communities to help alleviate the impact of the pandemic on local economies.

Source: GNA
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