GRA must sensitize Ghanaians on tax – GRA Commissioner

Ghana Revenue Authorityw121 According to GRA, Ghanaians especially importers do not understand the need to pay tax

Wed, 17 Mar 2021 Source: 3news.com

The Commissioner for the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Col Kwadwo Damoah (Rtd), has said the GRA will have to embark on tax sensitization to enable people to pay their due tax.

According to him, most Ghanaians, especially importers do not understand the processes and the need to pay tax to the state and that has been one of their worries.

Col. Damoah Rtd said this in an interview with Onua TV’s Maakye on Wednesday hosted by Adwoa Konadu-Yiadom and Nhyiraba Boadu.

He said, “I am worried about that notion that there is corruption in Customs because I am the head but most people do not understand the rules governing payment of tax”.

Col Damoah noted that “it is our duty to do tax education or sensitization because if that has gone on, that perception would not have been there…that would help people, especially importers to know that they do not have to pay bribes before clearing their goods”.

He noted that “if the documentation of all the goods imported are accurate, there would be no need for any skirmishes”.

“If we will be truthful about the transactional value of our goods, it will not be difficult because the law says we should tax importers based on the prices of the goods they have imported”.

He explained that “if you bring the document and they are accurate, there would be no hustle but some people do not declare the total quantity of the goods and the price”.

Col Damoah said if all the documents are accurate and the importer is truthful, the Customs officer does not have any right to take any money from the importer.

He further urged importers to be diligent on the receipts that are given to them by Custom Officers.

He said most at times, importers give huge sums of money to Customs Officers while clearing their goods but they do not take the time to verify the receipts to ensure that the purpose for which it was meant for was paid.

He was reacting to the perceived corruption at the various ports and how to curb this perceived canker.

Col Damoah said, “they [Customs Officials] take the money from the importers. They have listed all items such as duty, miscellaneous, national security, among others but most of these are not true”.

He explained that “if you give money to the customs officer to relax the law for you to invade tax, the offeror is also at fault”.

Col Damoah noted that “if that happens that way, all of you are culprits”.

Source: 3news.com
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