Business News Mon, 25 Jul 2011

Ghana's Stable Economic Environment is sure bet for investment -Andani

Accra, July 25, GNA - Mr Alhassan Andani, the Managing Director of Stanbic Bank, has said Ghana's growing democracy, peaceful environment, a= nd the recent discovery of oil, make her a secure place and a viable destination for investment.

Speaking during an interactive session organized by Stanbic Bank for its private banking customers, Mr Andani said the country had over the year= s demonstrated the ability to govern, manage resources and build strong institutions that helped to create conducive environment for investors. "Since Independence, we have demonstrated our ability to govern ourselves, manage our resources, establish strong and robust institutions t= o create conducive environment where high net worth investors in and outside the country can find a worthwhile investment destination," he said. The talk on the theme, 93Our Health, Our Wealth, Our Nation-explorin= g the wellness triad", also marked the official launch of the Bank's Priv= ate Banking Offering, which had been operational for almost two years. The Managing Director said so far, 2011 had proven to be very successful and stable for Ghana's economy.

"With inflation from 9.35% in December to 8.9% as at May, the cedi= 's resilience toward the US dollar with depreciation of only 4%, plus the declined of the central banks prime rate from 13.5% in December to 12.5% in June, we are truly on course to achieve a target Real GDP Growth of 12.3%= ", he affirmed. Mr. Andani said over all the improved economic environment had led to a boost in investor confidence and improvement in the country's economic activities.

"This boost has trickled down to the financial outputs of our businesses. For instance, the current customer-loan portfolio of the banks in Ghana has improved disposable incomes, giving individuals and SMEs capital for self care and financial development, creating healthy minds and a wealthy nation," he added.


Mr. Adu Anane Antwi, the Director General of the Securities and Exchange Commission, stressed the commitment of regulators in the financial industry to ensuring that measures were in place to guarantee higher investor security, to make the country a good investment landscape that offer more value on investments.

Mr. Yoofi Grant of Data Bank Limited, advised Ghanaians to seek adequate information to guide them in making the best investment decisions. "If you don't secure your investment by seeking expert advice, yo= u could even lose what you have already", he said.

Professor Badu Akosah, former Director General of the Ghana Medical Association, said regular exercise, balanced diet and adequate sleep were the surest ways to maintaining a healthy life".

He observed that in Ghana, one out of three adults was hypertensive, and one out of eight up to ten was diabetic. 93Therefore, a balance of the three is very essential in maintaining good health", he emphasized.

Source: GNA