Ghanaians urged to diversify investment markets

Sun, 21 Feb 2021 Source: businesszoneonline.com

An investment expert is recommending to potential investors to look beyond the Ghanaian stock market and take advantage of the opportunities the U.S stock market offers global investors.

Dr. Hans Boateng, also known as the Investing Tutor, opined that breaking through the clutter into the U.S market will hedge against the volatilities of the local stock market and assure investors of stable returns.

He stated that diversification of investment was necessary now citing the difficulties local investment firms have had to deal with over the last year following the outbreak of the COVID-19 culminating in the closure of some investment institutions with its attendant job losses.

“You don’t need to limit yourself to Ghana. You can own stocks in Facebook, Tesla, Microsoft, even if you live in Ghana”, he emphasized.

Dr. Boateng is optimistic tapping into the U. S. stock market will help investors to, not only make returns but build wealth.

Source: businesszoneonline.com
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