Business News Thu, 6 Sep 2007

Government's micro-finance scheme to tackle poverty rural areas

Ho, Sept 6, GNA- The Government's Micro-Finance and Small-Loans Scheme, recently inaugurated is aimed at tackling poverty among skilled and creative people in the rural areas. Evaluation of similar interventions that collapsed as a result of huge bad debts were taken into consideration in establishing structures and processes for the administration of the current 50 million-dollar-scheme.

Togbe Dzamedzi Nyakpo III, Volta Regional Coordinator of Micro-Finance and Small-Loans Centre, expected to administer the scheme, said these in an interview with GNA in Ho on Thursday. He said the scheme would provide financial and technical support to people mainly in the productive sector and not those in the commercial sector.


On the perception that entrepreneurs in the region often avoided credit for fear of defaulting, Togbe Nyakpo stressed that business everywhere was for brave people. Togbe Nyakpo said "Business is risk taking. You take risks, knowing you are shrewd, skillful and transparent manager, capable of inspiring people to work for you to make it." He said response to the scheme in the region so far had been overwhelming.

Source: GNA