Business News Thu, 21 Mar 2002

Maxon Joins the Ghanaian Market

Maxon Europe Limited makers of citizens band radio or CB radio and one of the largest two-way radio producers in the world have launched their company and some of their products in Accra.

The products include Code Division Multiple Access (CODMA) and Global Systems for Mobile (GSM) cellular phones, tracker system for security, two way voice pager and wireless local loop terminals.

The Technical Support Manager, Mr. Bhopinder Singh at the launching said Maxon Sewon is the leading producer of the two-way radio in the world and is making Ghana the gate-way of telecommunication in Africa.

He said Maxon is the leading supplier of 400 MHZ mobile modems and supplies OEM to British Telecom.

The company sells in Europe, Middle East and Africa and has a turnover in excess of $50 million.


The Chairman and guest speaker who is an expert in telecommunications, Dr. Samuel Duffour said the telecommunication industry has become one of the most dynamic and far reaching industries in this information age, which affects every facet of our economic, social, political and cultural lives.

"A nation that seeks to develop rapidly no doubt needs to ensure an efficient telecommunication system that facilitates economic activities as well as personal interrelationship," he said.

He said, the advances that have been made in technology make it possible for a lot to be achieved with limited resources, but only if these resources are wisely husbanded.

Mr. Duffour said the companies affiliation with Ghana which they define as wanting to become the gate-way to Africa's telecommunication industry, falls in perfect alignment with the nation's vision of becoming the gate-way to West Africa.

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