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Mediators urged to save Ghana from disputes

Mediators have been urged to be proactive in saving the country from the increasing number of disputes that are creating tension in the various sectors of the economy.

According to Mr Austin Gamey, Chief Executive Officer of the Gamey and Gamey Group, the current myriad of disputes in chieftaincy, religious, educational, political, business, sports and entertainment sectors, calls for the active attention of professional mediators.

Addressing the closing session of the Group’s Professional Executive Masters in Appropriate Dispute Resolution (PEM ADR) training course in Accra at the weekend, he said the nation needs to be saved from disputes and conflicts that continue to affect the social fibre.

"Mediators have to help Ghana to develop by assisting to resolve disputes for sustained national peace and cohesion," he said.

Citing a number of perennial chieftaincy disputes as well as disputes in the corporate and financial sectors that risk affecting the national economy, Mr. Gamey encourage mediators to offer the necessary support.

In view of the growing adoption of Mediation and ADR in general in Ghana, he said although ADR is a voluntary, practitioners need to draw the attention of stakeholders in dispute situations to consider negotiation, mediation or arbitration.


He commended the trainees for successfully undergoing the course, and motivated them to use the skills acquired to support the growth of the ADR industry in Ghana.

“Don’t domesticate your knowledge,” he said, adding that Ghanaian mediators should also explore opportunities of intervening in international disputes.

The closing session ends 26 weeks of professional ADR training for 22 participants from various professions and organisations across the country.

Saeed Musah-Khaleepha, acting Executive Director of the Gamey and Co ADR Centre, for his part, congratulated the graduands for the achievement, but reminded them of the challenges ahead in practicing as professional mediators.

He was optimistic, however that the knowledge acquired would enable them to overcome the challenges, and therefore urged them to continue to develop themselves.


“Continuous practice is the key,” he said.

Prosper Danneson Dadugah, a banker with Standard Chartered Bank and the class leader, expressed appreciation to the facilitators for the knowledge transfer, describing the content of the course as “very impactful.”

He also acknowledged the vast opportunity the ADR industry presents, and urged his colleagues to the committed to the profession.

Thomas A. Atiah, Greater Accra Regional Officer of the Industrial and Commercial Workers’ Union (ICU) and a course leader, gave the assurance that the graduands would effectively deplore the skills acquired to enhance their relationships in their organisation, as well as help to resolve disputes in their communications.

Source: The Ghanaian Times

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