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Nana Nketia And Some Of The Local Farmers Messiah Organics Chain organizes regular workshops and training for local farmers

Sun, 28 Mar 2021 Source: Asmaila Rahinatu, Contributor

A herbal practitioner and CEO of Nana Nketia Herbal Center Mr Paul Nketia also known as Nana Nketia has admonished the government of Ghana to as a matter of urgency assist local farmers switch from the heavy dependence on chemical farming to a more sustainable organic farming practices. He made these remarks during a workshop organized by Messiah Organics Chain; an organic agribusiness organization.

Messiah Organics Chain organizes regular workshops and training for local farmers to learn responsible value chain practices leading to organic agriculture, they also have various radio talk shows across the country to educate listeners on organic farming.

Speaking to a group of farmers in the Eastern Region last week, Nana Nketia bemoaned the way activities of farmers are causing extreme damages to the environment in the country.

“Nitrous oxide which is good for plants but harmful to humans is one of the most dangerous climate change gasses compared to carbon dioxide and methane, and the production of this gas is mostly as a result of the use of inorganic fertilizers especially Urea. Climate change Is the definition of a global issue. Temperatures won't stop going up in Nigeria unless emissions stop going up in Ghana, and temperatures in Ghana won't stop going up until emissions stop going up in Nigeria. Unless we all come together to help reduce the heavy use of chemicals through farming activities, we are all going to face the consequences in the future,” he stated.

He further disclosed that by encouraging, training and providing organically certified inputs to farmers, Messiah Organics Chain believes that organic crop production and consumption will increase in the country and further provide solutions to the problem of climate change and environmental degradation.

The farmers were encouraged to read and understand the labels on the chemicals they use in their farms. Those who could not read were equally encouraged to find people who can read to assist them to understand the working requirements of the chemicals they use in their farms.

“Some of the chemicals used in the farms require a minimum of twenty-one days before harvest, but some of the farmers due to lack of understanding will harvest these crops barely a week after spraying, and bring these foodstuffs to market for unsuspecting consumers to suffer the consequences” He revealed.

According to Nana Nketia, our water bodies are also not spared from the heavy pollutions from farming activities, as the excess chemicals are washed into our rivers thereby killing or altering the safe environment of aquatic life.

“The organization want to go a step further to help farmers in records keeping by developing an easy to use app that would help smallholder farmers measure all organic practices through their farming activities, I, therefore, commend Messiah Organics Chain for using their resources to assist farmers with such workshops and initiatives and call on all stakeholders including government to emulate same,” he revealed.

Source: Asmaila Rahinatu, Contributor
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