Business News Fri, 19 Aug 2016

Micro Finance company disappears with amputee’s money

A 24-year-old woman is left to her fate after a micro-finance company where she invested her insurance benefit disappeared.

Comfort Abena Frema lost one leg after a truck with defective brakes ran over her four years ago at Roman Hill in Kumasi.

She still needs to undergo further surgery but could not afford the cost because the money she had banked her hopes on has fizzled into thin air. Frema invested GHC7,000.00 of the insurance benefit she got for her pain and disability in fixed deposit at Money Link at Old Tafo.

She later visited the micro-finance company to withdraw money only to discover it had been shut down, and the owners are untraceable.


Frema who now sells toffees for a living, recounting her ordeal to Nhyira FM said as a result she cannot raise Gh¢1,400.00 to continue treatment of her amputated limb from the thigh.

A distraught Frema has some relief as some public-spirited members of the public offer to intervene.

Volunteers have so far given her GHC2,800.00 in support.

Source: Nhyira FM