NDK Financial Services Limited rolls out five unique investment products

Kuorkor.png Deputy Managing Director of NDK Financial Services, Mrs. Kuorkor Ayisa

Wed, 12 Jun 2019 Source: NDK financial services limited

NDK Financial Services Limited, a leading non-banking financial institution in Ghana, has introduced five new investment products to meet the unique investment needs of its current and potential customers.

The new products are NDK Happy Retirement Plan, NDK Education Plan, NDK Business Grower, NDK Dream Investment, and the NDK Diaspora Investment Account. They complement the NDK Fixed Deposit, which is an existing product.

Since the introduction of these products, there has been considerable interest by both current and new clients with a number of them signing up for their preferred products. The organization spent time engaging clients over the years and also undertook surveys which informed the design of the products.

The NDK retirement plan is designed to meet the needs of pensioners who seek good returns on their retirement lump sum, the NDK Education plan aims to assist parents save money to pay school fees of their wards while the Business Grower is a high yield product designed to help entrepreneurs or SMEs build funds to support their operations.

The NDK Dream Investment is a high yield product designed to help individuals to make dream acquisitions and encourage discipline and commitment to a goal while the NDK Diaspora Investment Account is targeted at foreign resident Ghanaian nationals who want to build wealth, support dependents or fund commitments in Ghana.

Commenting on the products, Deputy Managing Director of NDK Financial Services, Mrs. Kuorkor Ayisa stressed that the new products were designed to offer enhanced value to the company’s clients, saying she was not surprised at the high level of interest shown.

“Each of these products is research-based and informed by the changing needs of our clients. The products are thus based on our understanding of the industry as pioneers, and backed by solid research,” she explained.

Source: NDK financial services limited