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NLP Training in Accra to set lives and business up for Success

For the second time this year, there is an opportunity to take part in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Diploma and Practitioner training courses which will run between 29th April and 10th May, 2017 at the Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra.

After a successful maiden programme in January, the organiser, Amazing-U, an image management consultancy and training company, is feverishly preparing for the second event and has joined forces with BrandTrendz and Kiwi brand, with the view to make the quarter 2 training more impactful.

NLP is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy; it is the ultimate leadership, coaching and transformational programme offering a set of tools that allows you to have more influence and emotional mastery.

Many analysts have explained that NLP can help people become more influential, cure phobias, enhance coaching skills, make better leaders managers and aid in personal development. Most importantly it’s a way of taking control of your brain, your behaviour and your results.

The January co-hort saw nineteen delegates graduate with NLP Diploma and Practitioner certificates awarded by International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainers Associations (INLPTA) and American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP). Fifteen of them (Practitioners) are now certified to commence coaching in NLP.


In consideration of existing professional commitments and varied needs of participants, the April/May training courses are during weekdays or weekends.There is a four-day Diploma course on two weekends, 29-30th April and 6-7th May 2017 while the weekday Diploma is scheduled for 2-5th May 2017. The seven-day Practitioner course takes place on 2-5th May and 8-10th May, 2017.

Author and renowned NLP Master/Trainer Jessica Reed-Robbins will lead the team from UK-based Reed-Robbins Performance Solutions who will be in Accra fortwo weeks to facilitate the Courses.

There will be training in different aspects of NLP where participants will learn all its transformational tools, such as the ability to use language in a skilled and precise way to influence people subconsciously.

“You will learn how to mend broken relationships or discover how to influence people you have felt are impossible to deal with,” the course statement notes.“They are going to know how to achieve the impossible. Anything that they want in their life: they understand how to set their outcomes and remove all their limitations. Essentially they will go away knowing that anything they want in life is possible.”

Participants who acquired those skills in the maiden programme came from different professional disciplines and sectors including human resources, project management, consulting, finance, energy and building construction.


The Co-hort also included a University Lecturer, secondary school teacherand an entrepreneur primary school proprietor who is also a micro-financier. They attended from different regions in Ghana and several nationalities were represented. Without exception, they expressed their deep satisfaction after investing time and financial resources.

CEO of Amazing-U, Jennifer Agyeman, who is also an NLP Practitioner was pleased with the response to the training. She explained that she brought NLP to Ghana to offer the opportunity for residents in Ghana/Africans to gain access to what successful people in the West have been enjoying and taking advantage of for decades; namely, an understanding of how the human mind works as well as how to utilise it to achieve the outcomes they want.

“NLP Practitioner Courses are readily available abroad and I know that knowledge of these‘powerful insights’ which impact personal and professional interactions whilst improving people’s quality of life will make us more resourceful so we can transform our world.

Most people wish to experience healthy and fulfilling relationships and achieve their potential. They end up feeling frustrated because they don’t know how to – this group now know how to achieve breakthroughs for themselves and be able to help others” she noted at the seven day training course.

Judith Blauwaert, a participant explained that the programme has taught her how to find solutions to problems without antagonising people.“With what I was expecting, I was looking to improve my relations with others and I have learnt a lot of things that will help me. The course showed me that you can be more flexible with people and still get the desired results,” she said.


Godwin MahlonAlorgbey, another participant, expressed that the programme has given him a deeper understanding of human behaviour and how he can use these secrets to change his own life and maybe help others to get a better life. “I have learnt so much – including the ability to coach someone who for example may be depressed; I can lift that person to a better position. When you have goals to achieve, and your mind is divided, I can use the techniques I have learnt to help you.

Hoping to become an NLP Coach as soon as possible, Mr. Alorgbey noted that the course has really helped him and he is leaving no stone unturned to begin using what he has learnt to transform lives.“My expectations have been met and honestly more than necessary and I will begin using it to help people. I will be a Coach because it is only by practicing that I will get to know more and gain a deeper understanding as to how to make it work best”, he added.

Jessica Reed-Robbins, facilitator and trainer extraordinaire, noted that the participants have taken giant steps and have discovered new ways and abilities to connect with any human being that they meet at a very deep level so that they can influence and make their lives better.

Source: Raymond hanson smith