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On Point Property launched in Ghana

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On Point Property, a real estate company established in the UK has been launched in Ghana.

The launch brought together real estate stakeholders to also celebrate the launch of its new online application; On Point Property Portal.

On Point Management Limited is partnering Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) to promote its affairs as a solid brand in the real estate business with the main objective of revolutionizing the Ghanaian real estate market.

Its founders, Victoria Agyekum and Anna Agyekum spoke to www.ghanaweb.com. According to them, the On Point Property is a reputable company for Ghanaians who are willing to invest in property acquisition both in the UK and in Ghana.

“On Point Property is a one-stop solution for the global diaspora from Ghana or the UK wanting to invest in property in both the UK and in Ghana. We tend to reputable developers that have established themselves as developers for several years in Ghana".

The management assures Ghanaians of safe and secured property transactions.

“The security is 24 hours. If people feel unsafe, there is always security provided and again it is reassurance to know that these lands that the developers are building on are secured.” Victoria Agyekum said.

Anna Agyekum-Wilson however expressed worry over the value of the cedi. She stated that the cedi depreciation has been a huge blow to the developers as the cost of the properties can’t be controlled when sold in the local currency. She also urges government to stabilize the cedi.

“Cedi depreciation has always been an issue and that’s why properties are sold in dollars because the developer won’t be able to control the cost if he is operating with local currency. We are hoping the government will be able to stabilize the currency.”

The co-founder of On Point Property however noted that there is a huge gap in the housing deficit, and as a result of this more houses needs to be constructed.

“There is about 1.8 million housing deficit in Ghana and so we know more houses need to be built, we have to get affordable housing in Ghana … We need to get industries done in areas out of Accra so that they can afford to own a home and not need to spend so much money. The private sector and the government needs to join forces, we can tackle the problem together if they both come together by government giving the private sector tax breaks and incentives to build more affordable homes for the local Ghanaians.” She added.

Ms Anna Agyekum-Wilson explained that the newly launched online portal is an app developed to inform people of its latest properties which are for sale.

“The Online Portal is an application which people can use on their mobile phones, its free to use and you’re able to the latest development that are for sale in Ghana whether apartment or flat and we provide transparency communication for people to be up-to-date".

Source: www.ghanaweb.com