Business News Wed, 31 Jul 2019

Postal Courier Regulatory Service selfish, cares less about clients – Nat’l Courier Association

Executive Council of National Courier Association of Ghana (NACAGHA) has alleged that Postal Courier Regulatory Service as an entity is non-functional, bias and having no empathy on courier companies that work with them.

Describing their actions as selfish, the group said: “They as a regulatory commission do not take care of the Courier Companies when there are accidents, and we can confidently tell the public that they are just there for no reason”.

They bemoaned that the regulatory body on June 26, 2019, collaborated with the Police to impound about 150 courier operators without a license, having their motorbikes ceased and confiscated at the Accra Central Police station.

The statement further stated that an amount of GHC600 was collected from operators as penalties without any explanation from both the police and the regulatory body.

Complaining about the huge sum of money imposed on them to obtain a license, NACAGHA said, “A courier operator is expected to pay 3500ghc to the commission just for license which we are ready to sit on a round table with them and negotiate what category deserves what because an operator who has only one bike cannot pay such a huge amount to the Commission and gain nothing”.

The group, therefore, are calling for a reduction on the license fee to enable all operators to get registered and create room for employment.

“Most of these Courier Operators are young entrepreneurs who are trying their best to build companies and provide employment and also create a source of livelihood for themselves and the society”.

They added that “As domestic operators, we expect a drastic decrease for the license rate so that we can continue to employ young men in the industry so these young men do not burden the government”.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com