Business News Tue, 11 Oct 2016

Public forum on oil and gas governance

The Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas in Ghana, has organised a public forum on Oil and Gas Governance for civil society organisations (CSOs) in Tamale.

The forum drew the attention of the CSOs on governance gaps in the management of oil and gas sector.

Dr Steve Manteaw, Chairman of the Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas speaking at the forum claimed that spending of oil revenues is very poor.


He said there is no mechanism for managing the volatility effect of Ghana’s commodity exports on the budget, beyond oil and gas in the country.

He said there is also weak value for money consideration in the selection of projects, which makes it difficult to realise the transformative potential of the resource.

He urged the participants to cast their vote in December 7 general election, based on best policy proposals from the political parties, which would address the challenges and concerns in the society.

Source: GNA