Business News Sun, 9 May 2004

Quincy International Airlines to start Paris-Accra-Paris flights

Cergy, France, Wednesday May 6th, 2004. Quincy International Airlines, (QIA), a French based airline company is to start flights from Paris-Accra-Paris from June 21st. Following his April visit to top Ministers in Ghana, CEO, Dr Desmond G. Quincy-Jones recently declared ? We are submerged with demands from all over the world and I am proud to offer my compatriots, the best way to travel to and from Ghana to France. In addition, with the enlargement of the European Community, it is strategic and essential for Ghana to rely on private companies like ours.?Flights are to begin on June 21st with four rotations a week. Reservations can already be made by Internet, phone and mail. Departures will take place from Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Terminal 3 and landings at Kotoka International Airport, Accra. Passengers will reliably travel with no less than Airbus A310 planes and prices will be highly competitive ranging from 750 euros for economy to 1500 euros for business class.

?We are already working on new routes to be opened soon, London-Zurich-Accra and Frankfurt-Rome-Accra? said Jean St?phane BAGO?E, QIA?s Director of Marketing. Inaugural Flight and Press Conference:

An inauguration flight is scheduled on June 21st with QIA?s managers, members of the Ghanaian and French Diplomatic Corps, members of foreign Ghanaian community representatives and a press delegation including French, Ghanaian and pan-African journalists. Two Press conferences, one in Paris and one in Accra, are to take place. If you are interested in participating, please contact Mr. Jean St?phane BAGO?E Director of Marketing, at jsbagoee@qinterair.com or qjdge@qinterair.com or bsakyi@qinyerair.com .


About ?Q? International Airline

QUINCY International Airlines is a French-based airways company. Its mission is to develop and operate daily flights from main European countries to Accra (Ghana). Using only A310, A330 and A340 and airbus planes, the company offers maximum security and comfort to its passengers. Due to excellent financial management, QUINCY International Airlines offers better prices than any other company from Europe to Accra. QUINCY International Airline?s board of Directors includes top worldwide executives and managers from around the world of Aviation.

For more information, please contact: jsbagoee@qinterair.com or qjdge@qinterair.com.

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